Virtual SAN

StarWind Virtual SAN is a robust and cost-effective solution that offers high performance and a large set of features. It has a simple base configuration of just two nodes without the need for voting or quorum facilities and is exceptionally easy to operate. It reduces cost, requiring less hardware: no switches, no mandatory flash, no 10GbE and fewer servers. StarWind VSAN needs only two licensed nodes to handle an infrastructure of as many nodes as needed.

A simple, cost-effective and high-performance software-defined storage solution for customers looking to cut their virtualisation costs. StarWind Virtual SAN eliminates the need for physical shared storage by mirroring existing server storage and RAM between hypervisor servers to create a fault-tolerant storage pool. It cuts down operational and capital expenses by providing customers with a turnkey solution with a single point of support. Using StarWind’s proprietary technologies it delivers high performance and data availability with a minimal hardware footprint. StarWind Virtual SAN runs on commodity hardware, resulting in no hardware lock-in. The solution supports many features unavailable in similar products such as asynchronous replication, in-line and offline deduplication, log-structuring, multi-tiered RAM and flash cache.

StarWind Virtual SAN