Storage Appliance

Unlike other storage vendors, StarWind implements an open, software-modular design at the storage controller level, taking care of data locality and offloading I/O from network and application servers. StarWind Storage Appliance is fully customisable and expandable, and accepts third-party application modules, for example: Windows services, containers, VMs on top of storage and many others.

StarWind Storage Appliance (SA) is a turnkey storage platform, scalable and able to integrate into any architecture or virtual environment. It supports the classic converged architecture, allowing compute and storage resources to scale independently. StarWind SA provides organisations that have fixed compute platforms with high-performance and simply scalable storage with 24/7 support to meet their storage performance and capacity growth requirements. The appliance easily deals with high-performance or unpredictable data growth. In addition, it can serve storage to a wide variety of environments by exposing multiple uplink protocols: NFS, iSCSI, SMB3, including RDMA-capable iSER and SMB Direct. The solution features an optional built-in gateway to a public cloud to provide an effective Disaster Recovery plan by placing extra copies of backup data into the safety of a public cloud, such as AWS or Azure.

StarWind Storage Appliance