Become a partner

StarWind's partner programme enables you to generate new revenue opportunities and make your business thrive. Being a StarWind partner, you will get access to their marketing, pre-sales and technical resources, and programmes that deliver sustainable competitive advantages, customer loyalty, and increased profit.

StarWind, Hammer, and yourselves will build a solid trusted partnership that will grow your business and help your customers achieve excellent data protection results with minimum investments.

As a StarWind partner, you will have access to the resources, tools, and programmes that will provide you with:

  • Complex marketing support to gain solid competitive advantage
  • Sales and technical training
  • New revenue opportunities to strengthen your business


Partner portal

StarWind partner programme is designed to expand your business and ensure new sales opportunities. StarWind provides its partners with everything they need to prosper, including:

  • Access to Partner Portal
  • Deal Registration
  • Special promotions and rewards
  • Sales and Marketing Tools
  • Education and training
  • Continuous sales
  • Technical support