HyperConverged Appliance

Unlike other storage vendors, StarWind HyperConverged Appliance (HCA) provides a minimalistic hardware footprint, starting from a high-availability installation of just 2 servers. Switches are not required, flash is optional, in addition to 10/40 GbE networking (1GbE available upon request). With less hardware to purchase and maintain, StarWind HCA provides ease of management, while keeping capital and operational expenses low.

A turnkey virtualisation platform that comes pre-built and pre-configured utilising the power of best-of-breed software components combined with specifically handpicked hardware platforms. This bundle comes with a single point of support, allowing for near effortless deployments for customer-side IT teams. It’s a truly ‘plug-and-play’ solution for IT infrastructures – flexible, easily scalable and cost efficient with a minimalistic initial hardware footprint of just two servers. StarWind HCA also features a public cloud gateway allowing seamless offload of cold data straight into Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure while keeping hot data on local flash. This reduces initial hardware and operational cost, paying only for the data that is ‘live’.

StarWind HyperConverged Appliance